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Jan 2019

04  Beaker Brothers-Spicoli's-CFalls-6-9 (cover)

05  Steve Grismore Trio-Continental- Des Moines-9:00-12:00

18. Steve Grismore Trio-Lincoln Wine Bar-Mt. Vernon-7-9:00

19. Beaker Brothers-American legion-Iowa City-8-11 (cover)

25  Steve Grismore Trio-Mill-Iowa City-5:00-7:00


01  Steve Grismore Trio with Chris Oattes -Continental- Des Moines-9:00-12:00

02  Steve Grismore Trio with Chris Oattes -Continental- Des Moines-9:00-12:00

05  Jazz Jam-Georges-Iowa City-7:30-10:00

09  Steve Grismore Trio-Sanctuary-Iowa City-8:00-10:00

15   Steve Grismore Trio-Cornerstone- Galena, Ill 7:30-11:30

22  Steve Grismore Trio with Ray Blue -Continental- Des Moines-9:00-12:00

23  with Ray Blue -Cedar Rapids



03  Big Fun- Flatted fifth-Bellevue, IA- 5-8 

05  Jazz Jam-Georges-Iowa City-7:30-10:00

08  Beaker Brothers-Spicoli's-CFalls-6-9 (cover)

09  3 Dawgs and a Bone-Continental- Des Moines 9:00-12:00

15   Beaker Brothers-Wildwood-Iowa City-8-11 (cover)

16  Steve Grismore Trio-Sanctuary-Iowa City-8:00-10:00

20 Sam Salomone Band-Omaha


02. Jazz Jam- Georges-Iowa City-7:30-10:00

05  Jazz Jam- Sanctuary-Iowa City-8-10

06  JCL and guests-Voxman Hall-U of Iowa- 7:30

09  Jazz Combos-Mill-Iowa City- 6:30-8:30-cover

13  Beaker Brothers-American legion-Iowa City-8-11 (cover)

17  JRE -Voxman-U of Iowa-7:30

19  Steve Grismore Trio-Continental- Des Moines-9:00-12:00

20 Steve Grismore Trio-Continental- Des Moines-9:00-12:00


03 Steve Grismore Trio-with Mitch Towne and Tim Crumley-Sanctuary-Iowa City-8-10

04 with the Cole Palensky Quartet-The Jewel-Omaha-6:30/8:30 shows-$10

10 3 Dawgs and a Bone-Mill-Jazz@5-Iowa City (no cover)

11 Big Fun- Parlor City- Cedar Rapids-8 -11

17 Steve Grismore Trio-Continental- Des Moines-9:00-12:00

18 Steve Grismore/Bob Dunn-Octopus-Cedar Falls-5:30-7:30

19 Steve Grismore Trio-Flatted fifth-Bellevue, IA- 5-8 

24 Steve Grismore Trio-with Jim Dreier and Danny Oline-Sanctuary-Iowa City-8-10

25 Beaker Brothers-Famous Mockingbirs-Marion-8:00-11:00 (reserved seating)

31 Steve Grismore Trio-Cornerstone- Galena, Ill 8:00-11:00



01  David Bandman- tuba conference -Voxman Concert hall-U of Iowa-7:30

07 Steve Grismore Trio-Continental- Des Moines-9:00-12:00

08 Steve Grismore Trio-Continental- Des Moines-9:00-12:00

15 Steve Grismore Trio-with Jim Dreier and Danny Oline-Sanctuary-Iowa City-8-10

21  Beaker Brothers-Wildwood-Iowa City-8-11 (cover)

22  Beaker Brothers-private party



05 Big Fun-sidestage-Iowa City jazz festival-5:30/7:30

06 Steve Grismore Quartet-Jazz Fest Jam-sanctuary-Iowa city -10;00-12:30

12 Beaker Brothers-on the Square -Mt Pleasant-6-10

13 Beaker Brothers-Parlor City-Cedar rapids-8:00-11:00 

14 Beaker Brothers-Sutliff-near Lisbon-3:00-6:00 

19 Steve Grismore Quartet-Jazz in July -Hoyt Sherman-Des Moines-6:00-7:00

20 Beaker Brothers-Camp Euphoria-Lone Tree-1:00-2:30 ( cover)

20 3 Dawgs and a Bone-Sanctuary-Iowa City-8-10

21-3 Dawgs and a Bone-3rd Sunday Jazz-Redstone room davenport-6:00-8:00


01 Big Fun-Jazz Under the Stars-7:00-9:30-Noelridge Park-Cedar Rapids

02 Steve Grismore Trio-Cornerstone-Galena, Ill-8:00-11:00

03 Steve Grismore Quartet-Continental- Des Moines-9:00-12:00

09 Bearker Brothers-Live@5-River Music Experience-Davenport, Iowa

10 Beaker Brothers-Muscatine, Iowa

15 Steve Grismore Trio-the Jewell- Omaha-(2 shows) 6:30 & 8:30

16 Beaker Brothers-Friday Night Concert Series (with the Recliners)-6:30 @ Northside Market Place

17 Beaker Brothers-Private Party event

18 Beaker Brothers-Woodstock Anniversary event/Marion-7:00

23 Beaker Brothers-Spicoli's-CFalls-6-9 (cover)

24 Beaker Brothers-American legion-Iowa City-8-11 (cover)

30 Steve Grismore Trio-Sanctuary-Iowa City-8-10

31-Big Fun-The Mill-IC-8-11 (cover)


01 Big Fun- Flatted fifth-Bellevue, IA- 5-8 

03 Jazz Jam-Sanctuary-IC-8-10

06 Ross Clowser Trio-Jazz@5-the Mill-IC-5-7

07 Beaker Brothers-Jeff and Beth Party-Cedar Falls (private)

13  Steve Grismore Trio-Continental- Des Moines-9:00-12:00

14 Beaker Brothers-Private Party event-CR

15 3rd Sunday Jazz-Redstone Room Davenport-6:00-8:00 (cover)

21 3 Dawgs and a Bone-Continental-DM-9-12

24 Jazz combo's-the Mill-6;30-8:30-(cover)

27 Beaker Brothers-Cedar ridge Winery-6-9

28 3 Dawgs and a Bone-Sanctuary-IC-8-10

Oct 4 Steve Grismore Trio-Cornerstone-Galena, Ill-8:00-11:00

Oct 5 Steve Grismore Trio-Sanctuary-Iowa City-8-10

Oct 6 Beaker Brothers-Sutliff-near Lisbon-3:00-6:00

Oct 11-Steve Grismore/Baron Tymas -Recital Hall -Voxman School of Music-7:30

Oct 18-Steve Grismore/Bob Dunn- Mill-IC-Jazz@5

Oct 19-Steve Grismore/Bob Dunn-Octopus-Cedar Falls-5:30-7:30

Oct 25-Beaker Brothers-Eagles-IC-7-10

Oct 26- Steve Grismore Trio-Continental- Des Moines-9:00-12:00

Nov 1-  Beaker Brothers-Spicoli's-CFalls-6-9 (cover)

Nov 2- Eric Gardner Concert with Jazz faculty-Voxman Hall-U of I School of Music-7:30

Nov 5-Faculty jazz Jam-Gene's-Iowa City-7:30-10:00

Nov 8- Jazz faculty -Dordt College- Sioux Center-IA-JD Hann Auditorium-7:30

Nov 15-Steve Grismore Trio-with Jim Dreier and Danny Oline-Sanctuary-Iowa City-8-10

Nov 16-Steve Grismore Trio-Continental- Des Moines-9:00-12:00

Nov 22-Big Fun-Spicoli's-CFalls-6-9 (cover)

Nov 23-Beaker Brothers-Wildwood-Iowa City-8-11 (cover)

Nov 24-3 Dawgs and a Bone- Flatted Fifth-Bellevue, IA- 5-8 

Nov 30- 3 Dawgs and a Bone-Cornerstone-Galena, Ill-8:00-11:00

Dec 3-Faculty jazz Jam-Gene's-Iowa City-7:30-10:00

Dec 6/7-Steve Grismore Trio-Continental- Des Moines-9:00-12:00

Dec 8-Steve Grismore Trio - Kalona Brewing Company-6-8

Dec 12-Latin Jazz fest Concert-Mill-Iowa City-8:00-11:00-cover

Dec 14-Beaker Brothers-Mill-Iowa City-8-11 (cover)

Dec 15-Steve Grismore/Ron Roberts Duo-Louis' Wind Dive-Des Moines-5-8

Dec 20-3 Dawgs and a Bone-Sanctuary-IC-8-10

Dec 21-Beaker Brothers-Famous Mockingbirs-Marion-8:00-11:00 (reserved seating)


Jan  3-Beaker Brothers-Spicoli's-CFalls-6-9 (cover)

Jan  3-Beaker Brothers-American legion-Iowa City-8-11 (cover)

Jan 12-Steve Grismore/Ron Roberts Duo-Louis Wine Dive-Des Moines-6-8

Jan 18-3 Dawgs and a Bone-Sanctuary-IC-8-10

Jan 19-Iowa Jazz Orchestra-Redstone Room-Davenport-6-8 (cover)

Jan 27-Steve Grismore Trio-Continental- Des Moines-9:00-12:00

Jan 28-Steve Grismore Trio-Continental- Des Moines-9:00-12:00

Feb   1-Steve Grismore Trio-Continental- Des Moines-9:00-12:00

Feb  4-University of Iowa Jazz Jam-Gene's-Iowa City-7:30-10:00

Feb  7-Steve Grismore Trio-with Jim Dreier and Danny Oline-Sanctuary-Iowa City-8-10

Dec  8-Beaker Brothers-Wildwood-Iowa City-8-11 (cover)

Feb  9-3 Dawgs and a Bone- Flatted Fifth-Bellevue, IA- 5-8 

Feb 16-Steve Grismore/Ron Roberts Duo-Louis Wine Dive-Des Moines-6-8








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