Jan  No gigs

Feb. 12-Steve Grismore Trio- Cedar Ridge Winery-5-8 no cover

Feb  14-Steve Grismore Trio-Kalona Brewery-6-8 no cover

Feb  24-3 Dawgs and a Bone-Live Stream-Englert theater-7:00pm

Mar 20-Beaker Brothers-Wildwood, IC-8:00-11-00-cover

Apr  11-3 Dawgs and a Bone-Recital Hall, Voxman music bld-7:30-no cover( live stream available)

Apr 25-Riverside Theatre Capital Campaign-2-4 pm-Mark and Laurie Zaiger-82 What Oak Place

May   8-Beaker Brothers-Wildwood, IC-8:00-11-00-cover

May   9-Steve Grismore Trio-Cedar Ridge Winery-1-4 pm and Kalona Brewery-6-8 pm

May 20-Beaker Brothers-Gallagher Bluedorn-8:00 pm- Live Stream on Youtube or Facebook

May 21-Beaker Brothers-RIBCO, Rock Island, Ill, 8-11 pm-8:00-11-00-$5 cover

May 22-Steve Grismore Trio-Sanctuary-8-10 pm-no cover

May 23-Steve Grismore/Randy Ward Duo-Louies Wine Dive-5-8 pm Des Moines, IA-no cover

May 29-Beaker Brothers-Sunnyside Country club block party for Gallagher Bluedorn Folks

June   3-Solo- Amana Millwright Hotel-4-7-free

June   4-Steve Grismore Trio-Opus Cafe-CR-Livestream-5:00-6:00 pm

Jume  5-Steve Grismore Trio-Amana Millwright Hotel-2-5-free

June  12-Beaker Brothers-Woodbine Country Club-Ill-Outside-8-11-free

June 13-Beaker Brothers-Sutliff Cider-near Lisbon-3:00-6:00pm-free

June 19-Steve Grismore Trio-Sanctuary-IC-8-10-free

June 24-Baja Tijuana Bandidod Band- Central Park -Grinnell-7 pm-free

June 25-Beaker Brothers-Cedar Basin Ice House-Outside-Cedar Falls-6:00-8:30

June 26-Solo- Amana Millwright Hotel-4-7-free

June 30-Steve Grismore Trio-Bohemian-CR-7-9-free

July  2-Big Fun-Iowa City jazz Festival-7:30-9:00 pm-free

July. 8-Beaker Brothers-Bike Night-Screaming Eagle-Outside-Waterloo-6:0-9:30

July. 9-Beaker Brothers-RIBCO, Rock Island, Ill, 8-11 pm-8:00-11-00-$5 cover

July 10-Steve Grismore Trio-Sanctuary-8-10 pm-no cover

July 11-Steve Grismore/Randy Ward-Louies Wind Dive-5-8-free

July 15-Solo- Amana Millwright Hotel-4-7-free

July 17-Steve Grismore Trio-Kalona Farmers market-9-12 am-free

July 17-Beaker Brothers-Wildwood, IC-8:00-11-00-cover

July 18-Big Fun-Polyrhythms 3rd Sunday jazz-Redstone Room-Davenport-6:00-8:00

July 23-Beaker Brothers-Cedar Ridge winery-6:00-9-00-free

July 24-Steve Grismore Trio-Amana Millwright Hotel-2-5-free

July 28-Steve Grismore Trio-New Bohemian-CR-7-9-free

Aug   7-Steve Grismore Trio-Private wedding-Cedar Rapids

Aug 13-Big Fun-New Bohemian-Cedar Rapids-7-9:30 rooftop

Aug 14-Steve Grismore Trio-Sanctuary-8-10 pm-no cover

Aug 15-Peoria Ill, gig ( more to Come)

Aug 19-Solo- Amana Millwright Hotel-4-7-free

Aug 20-Beaker Brothers-Rock Around the Block-Mt Pleasant-6:00-9-00-city square free

Aug 21-Steve Grismore Trio-Amana Millwright Hotel-2-5-free

Aug 22-Quad Cities Smooth jazz fest-(More details to come)

Aug 25-Steve Grismore Trio-New Bohemian-CR-7-9-free

Aug 27-Beaker Brothers-River Plaza stage-Cedar Falls-6-9-free

Aug 28-Steve Grismore Trio-Kalona Farmers market-9-12 am-free

Aug 28-Beaker Brothers-Legion on Muscatine rd, IC-8:00-11-00

Sept 02-Solo- Amana Millwright Hotel-4-7-free

Sept 03-Beaker Brothers-Friday Night Concert Series/Fountain stage IC-6:30-9-30

Sept 04-Steve Grismore Trio-Amana Millwright Hotel-2-5-free

Sept 05-Steve Grismore/Randy Ward-Louies Wind Dive-5-8-free

Sept 10-Beaker Brothers-Cedar Ridge winery-6:00-9-00-free

Sept 11-Steve Grismore Trio-Sanctuary-8-10 pm-no cover

Sept 16-Steve Grismore with Edgar Crocket-LeClair, Ia-5:30-7:30

Sept 18-Beaker Brothers-Private Wedding-Cedar Falls

Sept 26-Steve Grismore/Randy Ward-Louies Wind Dive-5-8-free

Sept 29-Steve Grismore Trio-The Bohemian-CR-7-9-free

Oct 07-Solo- Amana Millwright Hotel-4-7-free

Oct 08-Steve Grismore Trio-Sanctuary-8-10 pm-no cover

Oct 09-Steve Grismore Trio-Amana Millwright Hotel-2-5-free

Oct 15-Beaker Brothers-RIBCO, Rock Island, Ill, 8-11 pm-8:00-11-00-$5 cover

Oct-16- Big Fun-Ari's Lounge, Cedar Falls, IA-8-10pm-$5 cover

Oct 17-Beaker Brothers-Koru Berry Farm-Homestead, Amana-3-6pm

Oct 23-Big Fun-the Bohemian, CedarRapids, IA-7-9:30 pm-$5 cover

Oct 27-Steve Grismore Trio-The Bohemian-CR-7-9-free

Oct 29-Bill Bergren/Steve Grismore Duo-The Cave-Des Moines, IA-5:30-7:00 free

Oct 31-Steve Grismore/Greg Mazunik-Louies Wind Dive-5-8-free

Nov 12-3 dawgs and a Bone-Sanctuary, IC-8-10 pm-no cover

Nov 13-Iowa Jazz Composer Orchestra-CSPS-Cedar Rapids-8:00 pm-Cover

Nov 18-Edgar Crocket Trio-Crane and Pelican Cafe-Le Claire, IA-5:30-7:30-no cover

Nov 20-Beaker Brothers-Wildwood, IC-8:00-11-00-cover

Nov 21-Cory Kendrick and the Organ-i-zation, Redstone  Room, Davenport, IA-5-7pm-cover

Dec 03-Big Fun-the Bohemian, CedarRapids, IA-7-9:30 pm-$5 cover

Dec 05-Steve Grismore/Rayne Dias-Louies Wind Dive-5-8-free

Dec 12-Steve Grismore Trio-Kalona Brewery-6-8pm-no cover

Dec 22-Steve Grismore Trio-The Bohemian-CR-7-9-free

Dec 31-Steve Grismore Ron Tegeler Duo-Sanctuary, IC-9-1...Happy New Year everyone


Jan 07-Steve Grismore-Ron Tegeler Duo-Grapelife-Bettendorf-7-10

Jan 08-Steve Grismore Rayne Dias Duo-Tremont on Main-Marshalltown-8-10

Jan 15-Beaker Brothers-Screaming Eagle-Waterloo-8-11

Jan 16-Iowa Jazz Composers Orchestra-Redstone Room-Davenport-6-8

Jan 20-Steve Grismore Trio-The Bohemian-CR-7-9

Jan 28-3 Dawgs and a Bone-Trumpet Blossom -IC-7-10

Jan 29-3 Dawgs and a Bone-The Washington-Burlington-7-10

Feb 04-Beaker Brothers-Otis'-Cedar Rapids-8-12

Feb 11-Steve Grismore Rayne Dias Duo-Tremont on Main-Marshalltown-8-10

Feb 12-Beaker Brothers-Wildwood-IC-8-11

Feb 13-Steve Grismore Trio-Kalona Brewery-Kalona-6-8

Feb 18-Steve Grismore -Ron Tegeler Duo-Sanctuary-IC-8-10

Feb 19-Corey Kendrick and the Organ-i-zation-The Bohemian-Cedar Rapids-7-9

Feb 20-Steve Grismore-Dave Altmeier-Lincoln Wine Bar-DM-5-8

Feb 23-Steve Grismore-Ron Roberts Duo-The Bohemian-Cedar Rapids-7-9

Feb 25/26-Performance -Indian Hills College-Ottumwa

Mar 04-Big Fun-the Bohemian, CedarRapids, IA-7-9:30 pm-$5 cover

Mar 11-Beaker Brothers-RIBCO, Rock Island, Ill, 8-11 pm-8:00-11-00-$5 cover

Mar 18-Ron Tegeler/Steve Grismore -Flatted Fifth-Bellevue, IA-6-9-cover

Mar-19-Steve Grismore/Rayne Dias-Tannin Wine Bar-Marshalltown, IA- 7-9

Mar 23-Steve Grismore Trio-The Bohemian-CR-7-9-free

Mar 25-Ron Tegeler/Steve Grismore -Sanctuary-IC-8-10

Mar 26-Beaker Brothers-Cedar Ridge winery-6:00-9-00-free

Mar 27-Steve Grismore/Bob Dunn-Louis Wine Dive-Des Moines, IA-5-8

Apr 01-Steve Grismore/Rayne Dias-Tannin Wine Bar-Marshalltown, IA- 6-8

Apr 08-Steve Grismore Trio-Alebrije Mexican Restaurant-6:30-9:30

Apr 16-Beaker Brothers- American legion-IC-8-11

Apr 21-Beaker Brothers-ElRays-IC-10-1:30

Apr 22-Steve Grismore Trio-Alebrije Mexican Restaurant-6:30-9:30

Apr 27-Steve Grismore Trio-The Bohemian-CR-7-9

Apr 29-Steve Grismore Trio-Crain and Pelican-LeClaire,IA-5-7:30

Apr 30-3 Dawgs and a Bone-Sanctuary-IC-8-10

May 01-Beaker Brothers-Wilsons Orchard-5-7-Free

May 04-Steve Grismore/Randy Ward Duo-6-9-Free

May 05-Edgar Crocket Trio-Crane and Pelican-Le Clair, IA-5:30-7:30-free

May 06-Steve Grismore Trio-Tannin Wine Bar-Marshalltown, IA- 6-8-free

May 13-Steve Grismore Trio-Alebrije Mexican Restaurant-6:30-9:30-free

May 14-Beaker Brothers Sutliff Cider, Lisbon-3-6 Free

May 15-3 Dawgs and a Bone-Redstone room/3rd Sunday Jazz-5-7-cover

May 19-Steve Grismore/solo-Hotel Milright-5-8-free

May 20-Beaker Brothers-Cedar Ridge winery-6:00-9-00-free

May 21-Beaker Brothers-Grinnell Elks Club-Class reunion-7:00

May 22-Steve Grismore Trio-The Bohemian-CR-1-3






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